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  Aloitus: Merci Monsieur Paasilinna!
Lähettäjä: Thrond | 10.09.2005 - 01:56 | |
Hello Finland!

I don't know if I'm posting at the right place, or even if this post will be read by someone else, but whatever... :)
I'm a 25 years old french guy (sorry I don't speak, or even read any word of Finnish), and I would simply like to thank Arto Paasilinna for all his books, which are very appreciated here.

So, to Arto Paasilinna, I'd would like to say a big: MERCI!

 RE: Merci Monsieur Paasilinna!
Lähettäjä: Ossi Hirvikoski | 12.09.2005 - 22:28 | 1 | |
Hello, Thrond.

It's nice to hear that our loved writer's works are appreciated in other European countries as well. Yeah, it's alright to speak English here (I know a certain someone who can even translate to/from French if necessary). Our dream is to allow people from around the world to talk about Arto Paasilinna on this forum, although it's true that I don't think we've had foreign visitors here before.

Arto Paasilinna himself visits these boards (although very seldom). However, we are more than happy to send your message to him.

If you have the time or the interest, we hope to hear more of you and your comments. We truly appreciate them.

On behalf of the Arto Paasilinnan seura's president Hannu Hirvikoski, written by Ossi
 RE: Merci Monsieur Paasilinna!
Lähettäjä: John | 18.09.2005 - 03:01 | 2 | |

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